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Aggretsuko or Aggressive Retsuko (Japanese: アグレッシブ烈子 Hepburn: Aguresshibu Retsuko) is a Japanese anime musical comedy franchise based on the eponymous character created by “Yeti” for the mascot company Sanrio.

Retsuko is an anthropomorphic red panda, 25 years old and single, who works in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm. Facing constant frustration every day from pushy superiors and annoying co-workers, Retsuko lets out her emotions by going to a karaoke bar every night and singing death metal.[2][3] After five years of working the daily grind, her relationships with her various co-workers are starting to shift, opening her up in ways that can change her life for better… or for worse.

IMDB Rating : 8.1

Download Aggretsuko Season 1 Complete 720p HDTV All Episodes

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