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Good Witch is an American/Canadian fantasy comedy-drama television series based on the made-for-TV movie series of the same name, As with the previous seven TV movies, the series continues the spirited life of newly widowed Cassie Nightingale, the good-hearted enchantress of Middleton, USA, with her now-teenage daughter Grace. When new neighbors, the Radfords, move in next door, they become suspicious of Cassie and her daughter.

IMDB Rating : 7.3

Download Good Witch Season 6 480p WEBRIPAll Episodes

  1. Good Witch S05E01 – Download
  2. Good Witch S05E02 – Download
  3. Good Witch S05E03 – Download
  4. Good Witch S05E04 – Download
  5. Good Witch S05E05 – Download
  6. Good Witch S05E06 – Download
  7. Good Witch S05E07 – Download
  8. Good Witch S05E08 – Download
  9. Good Witch S05E09 – Download
  10. Good Witch S05E10 – Download (Season Finale)